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Short Papers

Students are required to complete 3 papers of approximately 3 pages each, due throughout the semester as indicated below. These papers should provide students with an opportunity to explore subjects of particular interest in somewhat greater depth than in-class time allows. Topics may be of a general nature, or be on specific cases, but in either case the papers must show a mastery of the themes covered and draw upon the materials in this course.

Due Dates

Paper 1: Ses #6
Paper 2: Ses #15
Paper 3: Ses #22

Final Analytic Paper

Students are expected to complete a final analytic paper due on the last day of class. You may build on the themes covered in the 3 short papers, or you may choose another topic altogether, but you must have sufficient material to develop a full 20-page term paper that demonstrates a mastery of the themes covered and draws upon the materials of the course. This is an analytic paper, and students are expected to approach their chosen topic with an analytic framework.


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