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Coursepedia is an online course directory provided by, a social networking site specifically for higher education community. With our Coursepedia system, educators (professors and other course instructors) can advertise their courses online, create a course group and interact with students about their courses. Our audience includes prospective and current college / graduate students, career seekers, school administrators, course instructors / professors, service providers, employers and other interested individuals. is an ideal place to market your institution programs, courses and other related services, and recruit students and employees. We offer the following services:

1. Announce your courses in our "Events"section
If you are a course instructor and teaching a course in the upcoming semester, you can post a course announcement in our "Events" section under the category "Course Announcement". You can list your course as a free listing (Basic listing) or a paid listing (Featured Courses) to attract more students. This will be particularly helpful if you teach an online virtual course and want to have more students in your class from all over the world.

2. List Your Courses in our "Courses" directory
If you are a instructor teaching a course in schools, you can permanently list your courses in our "Courses" directory. Courses can be listed as a basic listing (free), or as a Featured course (with a fee) to attract more students. We can also run your ads in other formats such as banners or text links on our website.

To list your courses on our website, please follow the steps listed below:

1) Login to your account. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up a free account as a "Higher Ed Professional" member. Make sure you use your school email (.edu) to sign up the account as we will need to verify your "Higher Ed Professional" member status before you can add your courses on our website.

2) After Login, confirm your account (you will see a link on the top). Account confirmation is required for all members who want to post anything on our website. The confirmation code will be emailed to you after you complete the signup process.

3) Wait for our staff to verify your "Higher Ed Professional" member status.

4) Once your "Higher Ed Professional" member status is verified, you can go to "My Courses" page shown on the left side menu to list your courses on our website.

Courses can be listed as:

1) Basic Listing (Free): List basic information about your course including course introduction / syllabus, and contact information.

2) Priority Listing (Paid): Priority Course Listings are listed above Basic Course listings to attract more students.

3) Featured Listing (Paid): Featured Courses are listed on the top Featured section to get most exposure of your course information to prospective students.

3. Upgrade Your Listing:
If your courses are already listed in our directory as a basic list, you can upgrade your list as a Priority or Featured list to attract more students. Course listing can be upgraded from "My Courses" page under your account.

4. Create an online course:
In addition to list your courses with brief course information, you can create a detail online course with more detail course information including multiple sections such as syllabus, lecture notes, assignment, exams, etc. A detail online course can be created from the page "My Courses" page. For the detail courses, you can choose to give access to everyone on the internet (open course), or restrict the access to your approved member students (private course).

5. Banner ads and text links:
We can run banner ads or text links for your courses in our site network or specific sections / pages. Please contact us for more details.

6. Other advertising opportunities:
If you have any questions or proposals to better market your courses in other formats such as opt-in email marketing, etc., please contact us

For any inquires or information about advertising, please contact our sales team.

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